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Terms of Use

Rules and Conditions of Entry


1. The competition is only open to members of The Royal Photographic Society. This includes student, amateur and professional photographers, worldwide
2. Entry is free
3. There are no themes. Any subject matter is eligible


4. You can enter up to 4 images
5. Images must be the work of the sole entrant (no collaborations) but can include lost, unclaimed, or discarded photographs
6. Images may be manipulated
7. The Society may exclude any images which, in The Society's opinion, are offensive
8. The Society will check membership numbers and distinctions entered, for authenticity


9. The competition will close for judging at midnight GMT on 10 January 2017
10. After the competition has closed, the selectors will select the images for the exhibition, including the medal winners
11. No individual assessments are available and the selectors’ decisions are final
12. Selected photographers will have the opportunity to send in their own prints of selected images, or have them printed by Fotospeed
13. Please note that photographers wishing to have their prints produced by Fotospeed must be able to supply high res files for printing
14. The Society reserves the right to not include in the exhibition, any prints that do not come up to the required standard


15. Gold engraved RPS Medal & £200; Silver engraved RPS Medal & £150; Bronze engraved RPS Medal & £100
16. The Gold award winner will also receive a year's free subscription to Digital Camera magazine
17. If a prize winner cannot be contacted within 7 days of the selection, The Society, in consultation with the selectors, will allocate the prize to another entrant

Personal Data

18. The Society may hold and process personal information supplied by the entrant, in relation to The Society or the competition/exhibition
19. The Society will not pass on email addresses to any third party

Copyright and Reproduction

20. The images entered into the competition must not infringe any copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party
21. If the copyright of or other intellectual property rights of any third party have been infringed, then the entrant will indemnify The Society in respect of any of these third party claims
22. The copyright of all entries remains with the photographers
23. The photographer will be credited if the image is used by The Society
24. The Society reserves the right to reproduce, without payment, any images for publicity and promotion purposes in connection with the competition/exhibition and The Society’s activities, including within The Society’s Journal and website for a period of up to four years

Acceptance of Rules and Conditions of Entry

25. Submission of any entry implies acceptance of the Rules and Conditions of Entry